Client Forms to Get to Know You & Your Pets

When does your pet eat? What do they eat? How often? Do they take medications? Any restrictions? We want to get to know you and your pets!  These client forms are provided so that we have a record of your specific pet sitting needs. Including; breed, color, markings, feeding and medication schedules, exercise requirements or limitations, vet information, as well as necessary security information.

Client Information Form

This detailed client form includes information about both you and your home as well as about your pets specific requirements. Please download the Client Information Form and fill it out before your New Client Visit (or we can fill it out together at the time of our first visit).

Vet Authorization Form

We have never had to take a pet to the vet while pet sitting! However,  we think it is better to be safe than sorry, and we want to be prepared for any situation that might arise. The Veterinarian Authorization Form will give us authorization to make decisions on your behalf in an emergency when you cannot be reached. We need two hard copies of the vet authorization form so that it can be shared with your veterinarian.