Bereavement Services

There is so much to do, so much to remember and to take care of during a time of loss. We’re here to help. We understand that if you’ve recently lost a loved one the last thing you need to worry about is whether your pet and home are safe and cared for.  That’s why we offer free short-term bereavement services to our established clients, allowing you to give your full attention to the needs of yourself, and of your family and loved ones. If you are not yet an established client we will put together a discounted custom quote for you, to ease your mind and help to reduce the stress of the situation.

If you need to be away from home to make end of life arrangements or to attend a memorial service we will come take care of your pet(s) and home free of charge. Simply call us at (405) 633-3646 or contact us using the form below (please use “Bereavement” in the subject field). We will get back to you right away.


Do you need grief support services? The purpose of a grief support group is to provide techniques for dealing with grief; to provide support for the process of grief; to provide an environment to meet other people who are grieving; and to identify support systems. Consider visiting a grief support group. Read More